Every company needs to adapt to the impacts of digitalization. 72% out of 500 Swiss companies assume that digital transformation will gain further importance. Solely by internalizing digital trends and transformations in business processes, products, and services can a company succeed in adapting to an increasing digital world.

We help to identify your company specific potential and to seize chances of the digital world. Our experts support you in your digital transformation processes with their experience and know-how in analysing and creating successful digital business models, products, and services.

We support our clients in analyzing and validating their business projects and in developing an adequate set of metrics that delivers a profound decision base for business models, due diligence and valuation.

We analyze the company’s existing business model and identify the potential for success digital transformation. We work collaboratively with our clients to reinvent their business models and adapt them to the digital world.

Together with our clients we build successful business models and help them to become faster in testing their prototype in the marketplace.

Our Aproach

1. Analysis of Customer Needs

At the beginning of each successful digital project we foster an intensive exchange between our experts and our clients in order to gain a detailed analysis of their needs.

2. Goal Definition & Staffing

Whether the goal is to build new digital business models, adapt business processes to digitization, develop new digital products or to make use of big data, our team of digital experts, supported by our mentor- and partner- network, perfectly fits our client’s needs and delivers the right solutions for their specific challenges and problems.

3. Solution

Our clients receive solutions, based on a customer focused perspective and a broad market research that are developed twice as fast with less resources. This is due to the lean innovation approach.

Our team of digital entrepreneurs and our network of experienced mentors provide the know-how and interdisciplinary expertise in building digital companies and products. The Swiss Startup Factory and its commitment to excellence in execution will be an invaluable service in your companies digital transformation process.

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