Expert Advice for Startups at SSUF

Written By Mario Colombo

Here’s a list of the session that the startups have already completed

  1. Lean Canvas Training
  2. Building Products User Love
  3. Growth Hacking, Metrics and Analytics
  4. Sales, Growth, and Scale
  5. Culture
  6. How to Write a Pitch Deck
  7. Marketing, PR, and Branding

But, as many things in life, the sessions are only as good the speakers. In order to ensure that our startups receive top insights we have organized homegrown startup superstar like Adrian Locher (DeinDeal) and Alan Frei (Amorana) to give the talk on “Sales, Growth, and Scale”, and Rolf Styger (Fressnapf ) to talk about “Culture”.

On the more technical aspects, we had Mario and Luke from to provide their professional insights on “Building Products User Love” and “Growth Hacking”. In addition, our friends at Amazee Metrics were generous enough to lend us senior analysts for a morning in order to assist our startups in “Metrics and Analytics”.

Of course, great ideas also need to be presented well. In supporting our startups on this we provided them with multiple sessions with our in-house pitch training aficionado badass; Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier (Managing Director at the SSUF and CTI). In developing the startup’s stories we brought in international “Marketing, PR, and Branding” experts Markus Herzberg (SSUF Mentor and Head of Marketing at Candrian) Myriam Reinle ( and Tom Morf (SSUF Mentor and Founding Partner at Brand Master International).

External Guests

These sessions are also open to our SSUF association members. For those who are interested please sign up here.

  • Luke Szkudlarek

    Thanks guys for having us as experts, we enjoyed working with the first batch and looking forward to the next one!