Goldbach Accelerator Kickoff

Written By Andrew Vallejo

Last night Swiss Start Up factory (SSUF) was proud to welcome over 120 entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and startup enthusiast to kick off our partnership with the Goldbach Group AG, a leader in the electronics, mobile and interactive media sector.


Based on a rigorous milestone process the SSUF jury selected 2 startups to represent the W16 batch in a pitching and rapid fire Q&A round. The choosen startups, X-Assets and Blinkers, were joined by Beaconsmind, who is entering the Goldbach Accelerator Program. Not only did this provide a chance for the audience to show their enthusiasm for the projects, but it also required startup founders to answer some tough questions, which they will undoubtedly need to answer as they review the market and their value proposition.

At the SSUF we thoroughly believe in challenging our startups to make sure they are prepared for the upcoming challenge.

Peter Ohnemus from Dacadoo

In addition to hearing the startup pitches we also had an insightful talk from Peter Ohnemus from Dacadoo; a truly forward thinking company that is revolutionizing how think about our health.

SSUF/Goldbach Partnership

Our partnership with the Goldbach group signifies two important points that are worth mentioning.

First, the actualization of this partnership signifies Goldbach’s recognition of the SSUF’s ability to find and develop interesting startups and, importantly, to bring them to market. That is, the rather Hobbesian survival rate of startups (“nasty, brutish and short”) is often the result of poor execution, and not merely bad ideas. Thus, at the SSUF we put a lot of emphasis on executing well by offering, within our tough 3 months accelerator program, the chosen startups access to our technical and business acumen.

Moreover, we believe that this characteristic stems primarily from the fact that we are an independently financed accelerator.

Second, this partnership signifies the beginnings of an important movement that is sometimes not acknowledged; the recognition that industry leaders are not able to effectively innovate on purely internal terms. That is, there is a need to externalize at least part of the innovation process in order for industry leaders to stay relevant to customer demands.

The Goldbach group recognizes this need and has chosen the SSUF to carry it out.

Fortunately, Goldbach is not the only industry leader to recognize this because last night we also proudly announced our partnership with AMAG. Together AMAG and the SSUF will change the way we move.

Here are a few pictures from the kick off and the event schedule.



Some of SSUF core team

Michi mike martin

Michi Frank, Mike Baur and Martin Radelfinger


Oliver Walzer, The Blinkers Co-founders, Mike Baur, Beaconsminds co-founder, the X-assets co-founders