It’s Go time!

Written By Andrew Vallejo

Yesterday at 10 am we kicked off our first accelerator batch: w16. The 5 startup teams were briefed and brought up to speed on the program details and we could really feel the energy that this group has. He is an introduction of what they are doing.

  1. Travelshare

The age of mass and global transportation has brought an end to the friendly traveler. A person will often rub elbows with their seat neighbor, yet have no idea who they are, or what their story is. “The Travelshare Project” aims to make travel friendly again by bringing likeminded travelers together.

  1. Say what?

Say What? is a language learning platform that builds bridges between people and cultures by connecting users with locals. In essence, anyone can learn a new language and culture by speaking it with a native online – anytime, anywhere.

  1. Blinkers

Blinkers aims to deliver the next generation of integral safety systems for bicycles. Cycling is growing massively worldwide but, still, safety remains as the main roadblock for adoption. The Blinkers team wants to cover all cycling safety issues while interacting with other vehicles. The product consists of a set of position and turning lights, just like cars. Let’s make the journey safe!

  1. Carhelper

Carhelper is an innovative e-commerce start-up in the car industry. It‘s a booking-plattform for car repair shops, where users ask for offers for specific repairs. People will be able to compare the offers – specially if they have no idea from cars and technics. That will make the aftersales car business more transparent and with the ratings of other users, good and fair car repair shops will be able to improve.

  1. X-Assets

At X-Assets makes the game development process simpler and more open to one’s creativity right from the beginning by enabling game developers to easily prototype ideas or mechanics without any coding required. X-Assets connects a huge ecosystem of existing game components and provides an interface for immediate access to all of a components’ features.

Stay tuned for more info!