Our Growth Accelerator helps matured startups achieve their goals. We identify barriers to growth and customize a service package that fits their unique needs.

Access to Finance

We have an extensive source of internal and external inverstors

Business Development

“Build, Measure, Learn!” That’s our business plan

Leadership and Management

A startup is only as good as the people that run them. Our coaching expertise will help you get, and keep, the best people.

Growth Accelerator Services

Network a robust network of national/international entrepreneurs, mentors, other startups, industry experts, investors, etc.
IT Support Access to an expert IT team
Accounting support bookkeepin, financial consulting, and reporting
Consulting optimizing product/market fit, market analysis, controlling for customer segment, cost structure, iteration analysis
Law & Taxes Access to our legal/tax experts at Wenger& Vieli
Administration executive assistant, office management, and human resources support
PR your personalized digital marketing strategy
Branding Digital product design and business expertise
Satellite Location a hime away from home
Fundraising Access to internal/external investors and to exclusive fund raising events



Max Meister


“The SSUF helped us to focus on strategic issues that were crucial for the success of our business model. And the inspiring workshops allowed us to finally think outside the box of our daily business.”

– Sabrina and Severine at Martha’s Salad

“It’s really about networking on all levels, and not only in regards to financing. That is, because of the contacts at the SSUF we have been able to substantially improve our product. And, ultimately, a better product is precisely what will attract financial resources.”

– Terry Fehlmann, Founder at placeB.ch

“Flexibility, support, and lots of coffee. The SSUF co-working space creates the ideal conditions, so that we can focus on our product!”

– Ferdinand Metzler, co-founder/CEO at Fision