Martha’s Salad brings the farmer’s market to your plate. This idea was created while on a road trip across the United States by 2 women, Séverine and Sabrina, who had neither experience in the restaurant industry nor a background in running a business. They merely had an idea that they were passionate about and they did it. But their idyllic startup story wasn’t always so picturesque…

In 2015, after rapid growth and success, Séverine and Sabrina were approached by a large company about a potential merger that would provide the founders with access to financial resources, locations  and opportunities, which they would never achieve on their own. But these opportunities came with hidden strings that were quickly made apparent when negotiating the contract.

The corporate’s deep pockets often affords them a clear advantage when it comes to negotiating mergers & acquisitions; they have the resources to hire legal teams to help them navigate the complex legal system. By definition, startups lack these resources.

It was at this point that Séverine and Sabrina wisely contacted the SSUF to act as a sort of ambassador in the negotiations. The SSUF’s dedicated M&A team, led by founders Max Meister and Mike Baur with their extensive background in dealing with corporate negotiations, invested literally hundreds of work hours in reviewing contracts and proposing counter proposals.

In the end, they signed a contract that gave them more benefits without giving up more power to make the most important decisions. Today Martha’s Salad business is growing and Séverine and Sabrina are making their dream come true one salad at a time.